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3-Fingered Jack

First and only trip up 3FJ this year turned out to be another great one. Deb, Chris and I started hiking at 5am, and were at the summit at 10am…which included an hour of wait time while another team led the crawl. We were able to play through and hit the summit before three large teams got to the base of the summit block. The summit was a cluster by the time we left…yikes! Busy day on 3FJ. Back at the truck by 1:30pm


First grand view of the mountains to the south…
Panorama 2

Sunrise happens…

Deb and Chris in sync…on the south ridge.

Spicing things up on the south ridge…

Posers at the summit anchor…

Deb out on the summit tip…

Chris out on the summit tip…

Summit cluster…YIKES!

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