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Angora Peak, Angora Pinnacle & Revenge of Angora Pinnacle 2-12-12

P1000839This is one of my favorite area’s in the Oregon coastal range. It has several pinnacles to scramble, awesome rock outcroppings, and stunning views. On this trip I decided to tag the summit of two pinnacles…Angora Pinnacle, and Revenge of Angora Pinnacle. I named these pinnacles, but the highpoint in this area is called Angora Peak…which is merely a treed summit. The pinnacle and outcroppings are much more interesting. There are three main pinnacles as part of Angora Peak. Angora Pinnacle is the tallest. There is a scramble route up the SW side…not pretty, but doable. Another pinnacle is Revenge of Angora Pinnacle, that one got it’s name from the scramble route up the west side…a horrible, stickery mess. Long sleeves and long pants are a must. The third pinnacle is a secret one…I call it Little Angora. There is no scramble route to the top, and a project I’m working on…more to follow on a future blog.

The approach into this unique area is by mostly timber company gated road. Then some trail on old abandoned road bed, and a little typical coastal range bush thrashing. Makes for a satisfying day.

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