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Big Horn, Goat Rocks

  P1070951Big Horn was on Brian and Ron’s list, but i didn’t know much about it. I did a little research, and it looked quite interesting, so the three of us set out to tag it. This is the second time for me, in the Cispus Basin. The first was when we did Curtis Gilbert from this side. You’d think once is enough traversing below Goat Rocks…but not for me. It’s very similar to climbing the Oregon Volcano’s…steep loose scree. There’s no real path to Big Horn, you just have to know where it is, and navigate towards it, staying out of trouble along the way. I once read, the best way to do it…”follow the goat trail”…there’s a lot of truth to that. Nearing Big Horn the rock gets much more solid, but still, test your foot and hand holds before weighting. If you research this climb, you’ll read about the crux move…an easy 5.4 crack for about 10-15 feet. After that it’s a quick scramble to the top. Rapping is the safest, and quickest way down to the snow field…then it’s the dreaded loose scree down climb.  We did this climb from the car, with a stop to set up camp in Cispus Basin…because of that, it was a long day, getting back to camp well after dark.

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