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Dynamite Cave Adventure

Six of us did the Dynamite Cave on Saturday. This cave is up, outside of Trout Lake, Washington. The cave entrance is just a couple hundred yards from the parking area. We spent about 8-hours in the cave, which goes for about 2.3 miles into the ground. This adventure included 4-rappels and a couple of ascents with ascenders. It also included a few tight squeezes, and a dicy 4-th class traverse over an 80’ pit. Since it was pitch dark, I imagined that the pit was full of hungry crocks…nipping at my heels…which made it much more dicy 
Fun day with a fun group…Myself, Mark, Rob, Marty, Vince, and Katherine.

Today’s group…Myself, Rob, Marty, Mark, Vince and Kathrine…

Getting ready at the first rap…

Navigating the dark lava tube…

Mark leading the 4th class traverse, over the 80′ pit…

Looking straight down at the next rap…into the hole

Rob squeezing through the tight spot…

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