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Enchantments Through Hike w/ Little Annapurna

Panorama 2

Had a great time this holiday weekend. Headed up to Leavenworth, WA. To do the Enchantments through hike, and a little Leavenworth cragging. Went with Emma, Rob, Ember, Chris, JJ, Jacque, and Brian. Found a decent camp spot near the Colchuch trailhead that worked well for base camp. Did te Enchantments through hike on Friday the 4th, which included tagging Little Annapurna. Saturday we climbed a bit at an area called Playground Point, then found a spot on the Wenatchee River to cool off. Sunday we had a nice leisurely drive back to Portland.

3 thoughts on “Enchantments Through Hike w/ Little Annapurna

  1. FredB


    I discovered your website not long ago and I have been really inspired by all your adventures. I moved in OR 5 years ago and I’ve been trying to hike/bike/run as much as possible.
    I plan on thru-running the enchantments this summer and I was wondering if there was a specific reason why you thru-hiked west to east ? I was planning doing east to west but if there is a better reason to do the other way, i’d be interested to know.

    Thanks again for your reports that I often read and thanks also for your gps tracks


    1. Karl Helser Post author

      That’s simple….I’m lazy! West to East there is about 5000′ of gain, and East to West there is about 7000′ of gain. The mileage is about 18 miles.
      Thanks for your comments. I’m glad you are reading my reports.

  2. FredB


    Thanks for your answer, you gave me a good laugh !! I guess I will stick to my East to West route so that I can g back to my car on my bike with the most amount of downhill!
    Keep up your hikes/climbs, they are definitely inspiring


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