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Ice Climbing in Hyalite Canyon

Had a great time ice climbing in the Hyalite Canyon, just outside of Bozeman, Montana. The morning temps were in the single digits with the highs in the teens…perfect for ice climbing. We hired a climbing guide that taught us the basics, and showed us some of the cool areas to climb. Will definitely be going back to Hyalite. Deb and I are looking forward to doing more ice climbing! Thanks Deb, for the use of your pics…

First time on ice…

About now I was glad I was on top rope…

Leading up Switchback Falls – WI3

Deb on The Mummy II – WI3

Deb near the top of Mummy II…

My first ice lead, and she’s got me on a Parker Belay…DOH!

Fun Shit!!

Rapping off the route…
Panorama 3

Looking across the Hyalite Creek Canyon…
Panorama 7

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