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Karl’s Update….7-8-17 thru 9-27-17

Just thought I’d let whoever visits my blog, know why I haven’t entered anything lately….

A couple of major medical happenings have gone on in my life in the past 11-weeks. A severely herniated disc led to two Discectomy surgeries, and a bout with Testicular Cancer led to the removal of one of my testicles.

Where am I today? In recovery mode….

Today I can report that I am cancer free. In regards to my lower back, it’s day 13 after my second back surgery. I still have a long way to go towards a full recovery but am hopeful I’ll be back by Ice climbing season.

The last three months have been very difficult being denied the ability to go outside and play. I’ve loved reading all the trip reports of others, but also am very envious. I totally missed the summer of 2017

I’d also like to take a moment to thank my lovely wife, Deb Hill, who has been a very strong caring person through all of this. Deb has been by my side the whole time, even the times I’ve been a complete A**H***. Deb, thank you…you are a wonderful person, a caring partner, and a truly amazing woman. I love you so much.

I’m definitely on the road to recovery. Today (Sept 27) my pain level is at 2….lowest it’s been since July 8

Karl Helser

6 thoughts on “Karl’s Update….7-8-17 thru 9-27-17

  1. Cheryl

    As someone who is VERY active in summertime I can’t even imagine what it would be like to sit the season out with medical issues. Glad to hear you are finally feeling better!

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