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Mount Stuart – Cascadian Couloir

Mount Stuart, Cascadian Couloir

Last one of the Mazamas 16-peaks for me. Not the best route on this mountain, but it gets you to the summit. I’ll definitely be back for the other routes. We did this climb Mazamas style…comfortably. Day one, hike to camp at Ingalls Creek. Day two, summit via the long scree slog up Cascadian Couloir then back to camp. Day three, hike out and drive home. Did this as a Mazamas team of nine, led be Amy Mendenhall, backed up by a team of fun people.

Dropping off Longs Pass…

Slogging up the Cascadian Couloir route…

Fun part of the ascent…

Free-Style summit shot…

Time to leave the summit 🙁
Panorama 15

Looking back at our route…
Panorama 20

2 thoughts on “Mount Stuart – Cascadian Couloir

  1. Don Jenkins

    Yeah! I don’t often look at this site, but think I will look at it more in the future. Pretty darn neat! I didn’t see mileage on this one, but I’m guessing long legs of travel.

    1. Karl Helser Post author

      Thanks Don. If you click on “Maps and GPS Tracks”, then open the map, I usually publish the total mileage and elevation gain on the map. You can also get that info from my track, although it’s not as accurate on GPSFLY as it is on NG Topo.

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