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Mt Hood – Devils Kitchen Headwall, Left Chute

My first trip up Hood this year…glad I made it before the year end. It was nice to do a different route than the standard old chute route. Today five of us summited Mount Hood via the left chute of the Devils Kitchen Headwall. The weather was perfect….cold and clear, with a slight breeze. Left the truck at 5:00 am, reached the base of the headwall at 9:30am, rigged for about an hour (glad we were in sun), then climbed the left chute and reached the summit at about 11:45. Left the summit at 12:30, and was back to the truck at 2:35pm.

At the Palmer Ledge taking our first break…

First light on Illumination Rock…

Nearing the entrance to the left chute…

Jeff W. leading up the chute…

Eric ahead on the solid ice slope…

Exiting the chute, nearing the summit

On the summit of Mount Hood, 11.239′

On the descent, nearing the hogsback…

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