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Sardine Creek – NW Canyoneering

P1010030Did my first official PNW Canyoneering trip yesterday along with Emma, and Keith. Keith Campbell (The Viking), has done a number of these trips and asked if I wanted to join him…so Emma and I agreed. We decided to drop into Sardine Creek, just outside of Detroit Lake area. We parked at the bottom and walked the road, up until we were above most of the falls on Sardine. We ended up only rapping two raps, but if this was the middle of summer, we’d have rapped all 5-6 raps into small and large crystal clear pools. This time because of the cool weather, we decide to thrash along steep vegetated slopes dodging the raps that dropped into water. I think this trip turned out to be about a 5-hour truck to truck trip. Fun adventurous day of exploring. I believe there is hidden beauty in all these canyons, and the only way to find it is to go there…can’t wait for the next one.

3 thoughts on “Sardine Creek – NW Canyoneering

  1. Tiffanie

    This is great! We will be running Sardine Creek (and maybe Henline/Stack) this weekend. We have a little group that goes canyoning in the PNW at least once a month. Let me know if you’re interested in joining us sometime!

    1. Karl Helser Post author

      Cool! Sardine is a fun one…a bunch of short drops, and really beautiful scenery. Put Tumble Creek on the list…including the 220′ Tumble Creek Falls. Yes, I would be interested in joining your group sometime, In fact I want to go back and do Tumble again…this time in the warm dry weather. Maybe your group would like to join me sometime.

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