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Sheep Rock – Eastern Oregon

P1010770Since the first time I saw Sheep Rock, I’ve wanted to visit its summit, and with the rains forecasted for the western side, this seemed like a great option for the weekend. Our plan was to drive out past Mitchell, Friday afternoon, and find a camp spot. We made it as far as Mitchel, when it started raining, and it didn’t look like it was going to stop. We ended up lodging in Mitchell. Saturday Morning we hit the trailhead at 8:00am. After the 4-mile approach, we spiraled up the side of Sheep Rock in a counter clockwise direction. The clouds cleared, and we had partly sunny skies.

P1010617We made it to the base of the 4th class summit block at about 11:00, and 30-minutes later we were at the summit. After a short stay up on top, we noticed the rains moving our way…not fun down climbing wet rock, so we started our descent. After reaching the base, we decided to continue around, circumnavigating Sheep Rock back down to the river bed, and back to the truck.  We managed to stay dry except for a brief sprinkle. This turned out to be a 7-hour car to car tour of Sheep Rock.

Sheep Rock….DONE!

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