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Squaw Rock & The Sapling…

P1020638Rainy on the western slopes, so east we go. Rob and Ember have never climbed Squaw Rock, so that’s what we decided on, Chris and Emma came along too. We all meet at the start of the backcountry road at about 8:00am Saturday morning, then caravanned up the crappy bumpy road to a really nice hill top landing.

P1020497The hike in was uneventful, although a beautiful trek this time of year while the grass is still green, and the spring flowers are in bloom. The climb of Squaw was pretty quick, as three of us had done it before, and we all are pretty efficient with climbing basics. The weather was clear, but it was on the cool and breezy side, especially in the shade. After climbing Squaw, we dropped down to Mendenhall Ridge and climbed The Sapling…a short scary 5.3x single pitch up the side of a weird looking pinnacle. That ended Saturday. Sunday we were planning to climb at Smith Rock, but with the increased wind, and clouds, we just decided to give Rob and Ember the grand tour of Smith, and hike the Misery Ridge trail, as well as scramble the summit for a while.

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