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The Steeple 6-7-15

The Steeple…a 160’ pinnacle about 13 miles NNE of Prineville, OR. Mike Schoen, Tim Olson, Deb Hill, and I met in Prineville at 7:00am Sunday morning…drove out and parked along the road, just a few hundred yards below this pinnacle. After a short uphill hike to the base, we dropped packs and prepared to climb. We decided to just climb the pinnacle using the east side for pitch one, which landed up on the north ridge shoulder, where I installed two bolts for a belay / rappel anchor. Tim led the second pitch to the summit, installing a few bolts along the way for future attempts. The summit now has three 3/8” bolts for a bomber rappel anchor. Pitch one 5.7 and pitch two 5.8. Fun climb, although you might want to find more if you’re driving all that way from the west side.

First Look…Yikes!

Pitch one…

Karl leading pitch one…

Tim Leading the final, pitch two, to the summit…

Deb on pitch 2…

Last look….The Steeple, Done!

Picasa Album…

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