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Twin Peaks – Recon

Panorama 12Well, since I planned for a little adventure climb in the North Oregon coast on Sunday, I thought I’d head down on Saturday morning and check out the Twin Peaks I’d been looking at for a while. There is no official name to these peaks, so I named them Twin Peaks….the other name I had for them was Little Saddle Mtn, but chose Twin Peaks. The first time I spotted these peaks was from Sugarloaf Mountain. Through binoculars I could see rocky summits, and vertical cliffs…which is what draws me to these obscure peaks. Most of this area is private timber land, so most of the approach is on gravel road. With map in hand I took a couple of short cuts through forest and clear-cut, to short cut the long switchbacks in the road. Once at the base of the east side of the Twin Peaks, which was also the end of the road, I scramble straight up to the ridge between the two peaks. Typical coastal forest…dark and clean. I headed to the south peak first. Very steep with a few large boulders along the way. As I neared the summit, it turned to scrambling around and over large boulders, and thrashing through the typical coastal shrubbery. As I got to the summit I discovered that the summit was a rock garden of 30’-40’ tall pinnacles. I scrambled the ones I could, and left the ones I couldn’t. After exploring the south peak, I headed back down to the ridge between, and headed up to the North peak….which turned out to be a horrible thrash through thick tangly coastal shrub. The views from the summit were awesome, as always. After a long break in the warm sun, I headed back down. This was a fun explore. I may come back to this one…

After this hike, I drove down to Nehalem State Park campground to meet Emma, who had secured a camp spot for the night. I set up my tent, and then we drove into Cannon Beach for dinner, and a relaxing rest of the evening.


P1000226This is a view of Twin Peaks form Sugarloaf Mountain….the same view that got me interested in this recon…

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