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Voyage of the Cow Dog – Smith Rock

P1030425After warming up on a 5.9 bolted route called Slab Happy, we headed over to attempt the Smith Rock classic, Voyage of the Cow Dog, a 3-pitch 5.9 bolted route with tons of exposure.

P1030427Pitch one, a 9-bolt face climb, rated 5.9 to a nice perch. IMO, this pitch felt more like a 5.7

Pitch two, a low grade ridge scramble over to the base of the money pitch…

P1030440Pitch 3, also a 9-bolt face climb, rated 5.9…mainly because of the exposure just right of you all the way up.

Thanks Chris, for the great lead.

2 thoughts on “Voyage of the Cow Dog – Smith Rock

    1. Karl Helser Post author

      Jill, We rapped off. Pitch 3 is all of 30m…as well as pitch 1. Tie Knots at the end of your rope. Rapping may be problematic if the route is crowded, but the walk off really seams like a “walk of shame”

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