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Maps and GPS tracks

GPS Tracks

Unlike many so called “tracks” you may find on the web, the GPS tracks I post are not tracings done at home on the computer screen! These are the actual tracks from where I walked on the trip.

You’re welcome to download and use them on your GPS.  Mostly they are in a format (.GPX) which can be used on all GPS units.

I post all my GPX tracks to the GPS file sharing site gpsfly.org.   Go to GPSfly.org to see all my GPX tracks   (Will open in a  new browser window)


The maps below are made from National Geographic Topo software.  (Note: This software is no longer sold, but can be found used on Ebay, Craigslist, etc.)

The red line route is the GPS track I recorded, imported into the software.

To print them yourself, open the link.  If the map looks good, then right click, select “Save Image/File As”, save to your hard drive (Under the directory “Awesome Maps by Karl =^),  and then print.

Printing tip:    Save the .jpg map files onto a thumb drive, take the drive to a Fed-Ex office store, and have them print it for you at the counter.  The counter service normally gets you heavier weight paper than at the self-serve machines, and the print quality is a LOT better than you’ll get from your home ink jet printer.

and, if you find these maps or tracks helpful, feel free to buy me a beer from the link at the top. =^)   Doing so will help me pay for web hosting and keep this resource free for everyone to use.




DISCLAIMER:  Along with these maps and tracks, remember to bring your common sense.  If you get lost, mangled, etc. while using these maps or tracks, I have no responsibility for your actions or the result of your hike.


OREGON – Maps & Real GPS Tracks

Adventure Ridge Loop  – MapGPS Track

Angora Peak, Angora Pinnacle & Revenge of Angora Pinnacle  – MapGPS Track

Angora Peak, The Grand Tour  – Map – GPS Track

Arch Cape Cliffs  – MapGPS Track

Beachie, Mt. / Battle Ax Loop  – MapGPS Track

Birkenfeld Mountain  – MapGPS Track

Broken Top / Broken Hand – Northern Approach  – MapGPS Track

Broken Top / Cayuse Crater  – MapGPS Track

Broken Top, South Face Gully Attempt  – MapGPS Track

Camp Creek Canyoneer  – MapGPS Track

Cathedral Rocks, Mt. Jefferson via Pamelia Lake  – MapGPS Track

Defiance, Mount  – MapGPS Track

Diamond Peak, Standard Route  – MapGPS Track

Dome Rock  –  Map – GPS Track

Elkhorn Canyoneer  –  MapGPS Track

Elk King Traverse  – Map – GPS Track

Evans Creek Canyoneer  – MapGPS Track

Harts Cove  –  Map – GPS Track

Hood – Devils Kitchen Headwall, Left  – MapGPS Track

Hood – Leuthold Couloir  – MapGPS Track

Hood – South Side, Old Chute – MapGPS Track

Hood – Wy’East  – MapGPS Track

Illumination Saddle  – MapGPS Track

Jefferson, Mt., East Face  – MapGPS Route

Jefferson, Mt., South Ridge  – MapGPS Track

Kidders Butte  –  MapGPS Track

Little Cougar Rock  –  MapGPS Track

McLoughlin, Mt., Standard Route  – MapGPS Track

Middle Sister/Camp Lake Loop  – MapGPS Track

Middle Sister, Hayden Glacier  – MapGPS Track

Middle Sister, Hayden Glacier, Winter Route  – MapGPS Track

Middle Sister, SE Ridge  – MapGPS Track

Middle Sister, West Face-Renfrew  – MapGPS Track

Mystery Trail, Gorge  – MapGPS Track

Nasty Rock Twofer  – MapGPS Track

North Fork Breitenbush Cascades  – MapGPS Track

North Sister, Obsidian  – MapGPS Track

North Sister, Hayden  – MapGPS Track

Onion Peak, Hwy 101 Approach  – MapGPS Track

Pechuck Lookout via Old Bridge Trailhead  – MapGPS Track

Ruckle Ridge / Ruckle Creek Loop  – MapGPS Track

Ruckle Creek Canyoneer  – MapGPS Track

Sardine Mountain via Whitman Creek  – MapGPS Track

Sasquatch Rock  – MapGPS Track

Schreiner Peak via Pansy Basin  – MapGPS Track

Sheep Rock – Eastern Oregon  – MapGPS Track

Smith Rock to Gray Butte Loop   – MapGPS Track

South Fork North Fork Breitenbush River Canyoneer  – MapGPS Track

South Sister – via Green Lakes  – MapGPS Track

South Sister, South Side Route  – Map – GPS Track

Sugarloaf Mountain  – MapGPS Track

Sutton Mountain  – MapGPS Track

Spire Rock  – MapGPS Track

Squaw Rock Loop  – MapGPS Track

Stahlman Point Loop  – MapGPS Track

Stafford Creek Canyoneer  – MapGPS Track

Table Rock  – Map – GPS Track

Table Rock to Pechuck Lookout  – MapGPS Track

Thielsen, Mt., West Ridge  – MapGPS Track

Three Fingered Jack, PCT South Ridge, 9-24-11  – MapGPS Track

Three Fingered Jack, Full South Ridge, 6-22-13  – MapGPS Track

Twin Peaks, N Oregon Coast  –  MapGPS Track

Washington, Mt., North Ridge  – MapGPS Track

Whetstone Jawbone Loop  – MapGPS Track


WASHINGTON – Maps & Real GPS Tracks

Baker, Mt., Colman Deming  – MapGPS Track

Baker, Mt., Easton  – MapGPS Track

Big Creek Canyoneer  – MapGPS Track

Big Horn, Goat Rocks  – MapGPS Track

Birkenfeld Mountain  – MapGPS Track

Buckner Mtn., Sahale Arm/Horseshoe Basin  –  MapGPS Track

Catherine Creek Coyote Wall Loop  – MapGPS Track

Daniel, Mount  – MapGPS Track

Deception, Mount / Royal Basin  – MapGPS Track

Del Campo / Gothic Peak  – MapGPS Track

Eldorado Peak, East Ridge  – MapGPS Track

Ellinor, Mt., Lower Trailhead  – Map – GPS Track

Ellinor, Mt., Upper Trailhed  – Map – GPS Track

Enchantments Thru Hike  – MapGPS Track

Gilbert Peak, Cispus Basin  – MapGPS Track

Gilbert Peak, Conrad Meadows-Klickton Divide  – MapGPS Track

Glacier Peak, Whitechuck/Cool Glacier  – Map (start) – GPS Track

Glacier Peak, Whitechuck/Cool Glacier  – Map (start to camp 1) – GPS Track

Glacier Peak, Whitechuck/Cool Glacier  – Map (camp 1 to high camp) – GPS Track

Glacier Peak, Whitechuck/Cool Glacier  – Map (high camp to summit) – GPS Track

Goat Citadel, Goat Rocks  – MapGPS Track

Observation Rock – The Ice Route  – MapGPS Track

Olympus, MT., Blue Glacier  – Map (1/4)GPS Track

Olympus, MT., Blue Glacier  – Map (2/4)GPS Track

Olympus, MT., Blue Glacier  – Map (3/4)GPS Track

Olympus, MT., Blue Glacier  – Map (4/4)GPS Track

Rainier, Mt., DC Route  – MapGPS Track

Sahale Peak, Sahale Arm  – Map – GPS Track

Saint Helens, Mt., Monitor Ridge  – MapGPS Track

Saint Helens, Mt. Worm Flows  – MapGPS Track

Shuksan, Sulfide Glacier  – MapGPS Track

Shuksan, White Salmon Glacier  –  Map  –  GPS Track

Silver Star – Okanogan  – MapGPS Track

Sloan Peak, Corkscrew Route  – MapGPS Track

Stuart, Mount – Cascadian Couloir  – MapGPS Track

Stuart, Mount – West Ridge  – MapGPS Track

Thomson, Mt., West Ridge  – MapGPS Track

Three Fingers, North Peak  – MapGPS Track

Tomyhoi Peak / Yellow Aster Butte  – MapGPS Map

Unicorn Peak  – MapGPS Track

Watson, Mt., / Bacon Peak Attempt  – MapGPS Track

Woodward Creek Canyoneer  – MapGPS Track


CALIFORNIA – Maps & Real GPS Tracks

Ancient Bristlecone Forest, White Mountains  – MapGPS Track

Black Marble Mountain, Scramble  – MapGPS Route

Shasta, Mt., Avalanche Gulch  – MapGPS Track

Whitney, Mt., Mountaineer’s Route / Whitney Trail Loop  – Map GPS Track

Whitney, Mt., Mountaineers Route (there & back)  – MapGPS Track


WYOMING – Maps & Real GPS Tracks

Gannett Peak  – Map (1/2) – GPS Track

Gannett Peak  – Map (2/2) – GPS Track

Grand Teton, Upper Exum Ridge  – MapGPS Track


MONTANA – Maps & Real GPS Tracks

Granite Peak, East Ridge via Froze to Death Plateau  – Map (1/2)GPS Track

Granite Peak, East Ridge via Froze to Death Plateau  – Map (2/2)GPS Track


HAWAII – Maps & Real GPS Tracks

Haleakala Sea to Summit to Sea  – MapGPS Track

Warrior Trek, Maui  –  MapGPS Track


MISCELLANEOUS – Maps & Real GPS Tracks

Triple D Gorge Hike  – Map – GPS Track

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  2. Andy Nuttbrock

    Found out about your site from the Mazamas ICS class, lecture on Navigation from John Godino. I am new to all this and was playing around with Gaia GPS on the cell phone and trying to download some GPX files. I can’t get your files off GPSfly.org. They download as a data file. I saw you had a post on the forum that asks the same question, but how do you take that downloaded data information and confert to a usable GPX?

    1. Kjel

      This may be a bit late, but try downloading, and emailing to your self. Access the file from your phone, and open with Gaia.

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