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Elk Lake 2013


Elk Lake 2013…”Guys Weekend”

Always a good time with my brothers and friends. This year we stayed up at Elk Lake from Wednesday 8/28 to Tuesday 9/2. A couple of days of light rain and mostly cloudy conditions, and several days of beautiful blue sky days. One day we took a nice hike up to Battle Ax, then back to Twin Lakes (Bull of The Woods Wilderness) for a swim, then back to camp. Another day we did a great thrash up into the headwaters of Elk Lake. I’ve always wondered what was up there. Large open lush green meadows, thick forest, and lots of thick deep brush. We turned around at the large boulders that have come down from the east face of Mount Beachie. And on another day made the traditional trip up the eastern summit of Mount Beachie, stood on Phone Booth Rock, and sent a few text’s out. The rest of the camp-out was spent in the kayak paddling the lake, drinking beers, and sitting around the camp fire talking about previous trips. Brother Alex brought his small Laser Sailboat and got that thing cruising with the afternoon winds.

Always enjoy the annual “Guys Weekend” at Elk Lake (Marion County)

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